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High Trees Care offers high-quality support through its tightly run, well maintained flagship home, located in the heart of Dartmouth. Our carers’ paramount concern is the wellbeing of the people in our charge. You and your loved ones can be sure of comfort here: this bough will not break.

Guiding principles

Loved ones are always welcome at our home away from home

Close community links offer a win-win to those in our care and their local peers

Residents’ spiritual needs are a priority for High Trees Care

Our staff will be given every opportunity to develop their skills

External support

Our care home offers access to GP, dentist, physiotherapist, chiropodist and optician services. Visits from speech therapists, dieticians and continence advisory teams are available, too. See the manager for more details and to request additional support.

What we offer

Our highly experienced staff provide a home away from home for the people in their care, and are here to help in any way they can. We ensure that those in our charge live active, independent lives of dignity and fulfilment. In our friendly residential setting, we offer a wealth of activities and social events, but also give residents space to follow their own interests.

Along with freedom comes security: we offer round-the-clock care, so physical and emotional support is always available when required.

We also care about our staff and their development, and provide them with the ideal environment for personal and professional growth.

Why us?

Interested in joining us? We will provide you with a brochure that includes:

  • Brass tacks about the home
  • A service guide
  • A summary of our latest Care Quality Commission inspection
  • The food on offer
  • The activities provided

We encourage you to visit: any home that doesn’t should be avoided.

Visit at least three homes before making your final decision (hopefully us, but it pays to shop around). This will give you a good impression of what’s on offer in the sector and points of comparison to ensure you make the most informed choice. Ask for lots of information during each visit to ensure that the home in question maintains people’s dignity and meets the required standards.

Ask friends who have visited care homes to help inform your decision-making.

River View Care Home

River View Care Centre specialises in a versatile range of care provision, which include residential care and nursing for older people, support for adults with physical disabilities and end-of-life care.

Carers also have excellent training in the practice of dementia care and understand the benefits of making sure methods are personalised and designed to put each individual first.

A homely environment suits person-centred care delivery, with a bespoke approach and carers that get to know each individual. bedrooms are spacious and there are specialist bath and shower rooms for occupants with mobility issues.

Registered care categories
  • DementiaCards - small
  • Old Age
  • Sensory Impairment
  • Physical Disability
Specialist care categories
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Challenging Behaviour